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Биофизика и медицинская физика

Submicron vaterite particles, loaded with porphyrazine photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy of bladder carcinoma cells

Background and Objectives: Bladder cancer is one of the ten most common cancers causing a high mortality rate. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is one of the promising ways to treat this disease. To increase the effectiveness of PDT it is necessary to ensure selective delivery of photosensitizer to the tumor. Selective delivery systems such as nano- and microparticles of calcium carbonate in the polymorphic modification of vaterite are of great interest to solve this problem.

Small-angle polarimetry as a technique for identification of nucleotide sequences in bioinformatics

Background and Objectives: The method of identification of symbolic sequences associated with the genetic structure of biological objects using the principles of small-angle polarimetry is considered. This method of analyzing and visualizing symbolic sequences obtained by sequencing DNA fragments can be defined as small-angle polarimetry of phase-modulating structures associated with genetic information.

Analysis of protein fractions of water-soluble peptides by dynamic light scattering

Background and Objectives: Currently, antimicrobial peptides are one of the main sources of alternative antibiotics because they can easily interact with bacterial peptidoglycan by penetrating or dissolving biofilms with minimal side effects. However, from a practical point of view, questions remain open about choosing the optimal method for obtaining and scaling the process of isolating peptides from insect biomass, as well as analyzing drug prototypes.

Interrelation between pulse wave forms in the peripheral arteries registered by methods of impedance rheography and ultrasonic dopplerography

Background and Objectives: Impedance plethysmography and Doppler ultrasound, in most cases, are considered as independent methods for analyzing hemodynamics. This work shows the presence of similarities in the shape of pulse waves recorded by the two indicated methods at rest and during exercise tests. The dynamics of the volume and velocity of blood flow in the radial artery was studied at rest, during an occlusive test and a test with a deep breath.

Differences in optical properties of rat muscle tissue at room and physiological temperatures

Background and Objectives: Knowledge of the optical and thermal human tissues properties is essential for optimizing laser therapy and optical diagnostics. Most studies are carried out at room temperature of the sample. At the same time, it is known that the optical properties of biological tissues depend on temperature even in the physiological temperature range, that is, in the range of normal functioning of the body.