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Биофизика и медицинская физика

Differences in optical properties of rat muscle tissue at room and physiological temperatures

Background and Objectives: Knowledge of the optical and thermal human tissues properties is essential for optimizing laser therapy and optical diagnostics. Most studies are carried out at room temperature of the sample. At the same time, it is known that the optical properties of biological tissues depend on temperature even in the physiological temperature range, that is, in the range of normal functioning of the body.

Physical-chemical approach to the calculation of adsorption characteristics of low molecular components of blood of the patients with heart failure

Background and Objectives: Despite the fact that the methods of dynamic interfacial tensiometry and rheology are used to study blood and other biological fluids, in medicine there is no unified approach in the methodology of analysis and interpretation of the results. However, in some cases, the obtained numerical characteristics do not have a simple physical meaning and do not allow to evaluate the contribution of individual components and, as a consequence, it is impossible to identify the main link.