Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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Manuscript Review Procedure


1.  All manuscripts received by the editorial board and complying with the Journal profile are peer-reviewed, upon which the editorial board comes to the decision on the possibility of publishing them in the Journal.

2.  Manuscripts are evaluated by impartial reviewers. They specialize in the scholarly area of the reviewed papers and have had publications in the area in the last three years.

3.  Papers are reviewed confidentially. Type of review: one-sided, blind.

4. Reviewers are informed that the manuscripts forwarded to them are the author’s private property and are not subject to disclosure. The reviewers are not allowed to copy the manuscripts for their purposes.

5. If the review contains recommendations to revise the paper, the manuscript is delivered to the author to be revised.

6.  In case the author disagrees with the reviewer’s opinion the author is entitled to send a substantiated response to the editorial board. The paper can be either referred to another review or to the editorial board for approval.

7.  After the paper has been reviewed, the executive editor arrives at the decision on its suitability for publication; the decision can be made by the entire editorial board, if necessary.

8.  The journal editorial board forwards to the authors the decision and the copies of the reviews or a justified rejection.

9. The editorial board sends the review copies to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation should a corresponding request be submitted.

10. The reviews are stored at the editorial office for at least 5 years.