The Investigation of the Fine Shift to the Energy Levels in the Hydrogen–Like Atoms with Accuracy α^6 ln α^(-1) by Quasipotential Method

In the quasipotential approach the quantity of Logarifmic corrections to the fine shift increased but the sum result of α^6 ln α^(-1) is equal zero. The past of high order to a corrections is calculated.

Prospects of Perfecting the Parameters Small-Dimensioned X-Band Microtron

In paper presented results of the calculation of microwave and magnetic systems X-band microtron. Microwave system is expected to run for the base monoblock monoblock magnetron-accelerating cavity. The results of the analysis of stationary processes and transients in such system are presented. The requirements to parameters of coupling element in of the magnetron's anode block with accelerating cavity are determined. The calculations of magnetic system for 5 MeV X-band microtron on the base permanent magnets are executed.

On the Problem of Complete Synchronization in Beam-Plasma Systems

Complete chaotic synchronization phenomenon in the unidirectionally coupled beam-plasma systems with overcritical current has been found. The boundary value of the synchronous regime onset in this case is shown to exceed the analogous value of the coupling parameter in the case of the mutual type of coupling in approximately two times.

Modulating Effect of High-Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation on Hydrogen Sulfide Toxicity

On the basis of experimental investigation it is determined that highfrequency electromagnetic radiation of low intensity has a significant effect on the development of hydrogen sulfide toxicity during the inhalation process. Toxicity parameters reduce by 5–6 times if hydrogen sulfide is exposed to rays. The reduction of gas toxicity is obviously connected with appearance of quasi-stable intermolecular bonds that is the reason of dimer formations.

Laser Interferometry for Study of the Diffusion Process in Glycerol−Water System

Mutual diffusion process in glycerol−water system was studied by laser interferometry technique. Descriptions of optical schemes, experimental technique using multi-beam laser microinterferometer and method of digital interferogram processing are presented. Kinetics of spatial distribution of the refractive index of a medium during mass transfer process is determined and diffusion coefficients are found.

Resonant Properties of Electronic Flows in Semiconductor Structures with Modulated Dielectric Permeability

It is shown that the directed self-organizing of an electronic flow in semiconductors may be caused by a mechanism based on interaction of the flow with heterogeneities formed by a fixed distribution of dielectric permeability. The behavior of resonant amplitude values of the flow speed in a quasiballistic mode is considered depending on heterogeneity factors.

Solution Method of the Nonlinear Equations of Mathemathical Physics by the Influence Function

The nonhomogeneous differencial equation was investigated by means of a method of the influence function for the problems of nonlinear beam dynamics in the solenoid magnetic field up to the third order. The algorithms within the matrix formalism to obtain the solution of nonlinear equations by the influence function method, are described.

Asymptotic Freedom into the Mechanics of Composite Particle Inelastic Collisions at High Energies

The application of the asymptotic freedom hypothesis to consider the mechanics of deep inelastic scattering processes (DIS), allows one to reveal the elastic form of the parton (xama and xbmb) scattering also for hadron-hadron interactions of particles a and b having masses ma and mb with subsequent hadronization of them into the hadron showers. The elastic character of the parton scattering, in its turn, helps to define invariant variables analogoues to DIS (Bjorken xa, xb and square four-momentum transfer Q2) through the two-hadron showers in the c.m.s. of a and b particles.

On Diffusive Dissociation of the Non-linear Coupled Particles of Atomic and Subatomic Systems

In the given work it is numerically shown, that the nonlinear coupled particle systems (type of the HCl molecule) diffusive dissociation rate has the threshold dependence on the laser radiation intensity, the vibrate and rotate particles system energy and decreases in process of transition from linear polarization of radiation to the circular.

Pair Production in a Strong Electric Field with an Account of the Coulomb Interaction

In the framework of the Dirac model of vacuum the creation of е+е− pairs in a constant and uniform electric field with allowance Coulomb interaction between е+ and е− is considered. The transmission coefficient via the energy gap deformed by external field and the electric fields of particles is calculated in the semiclassical approximation. The Sauter exponential factor is modified by the exactly calculated function G(y) accounting Coulomb interaction of particles and changes in the shape of the potential barrier.