Development of Ideas about Nature of Sight froм Leonardo da Vinci to Thomas Young

In the context in the problems, connected with humanization and humanitarization of physical formation, including philosophical and didactic questions of an increase in the creative potential of young researchers in the field of physiological and physical optics, is represented the development of views on nature of sight in the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton and Thomas Young.

Absorption as an Indication of Vacuum e+–e– Pair Creation in a Strong Nonstationary Electric Field

We discuss the high frequency conductivity and absorption coefficient of an electron – positron plasma (EPP) created from the vacuum in a strong nonstationary electric field (nonstationary Schwinger mechanism). It is shown that the basic contribution here is due to vacuum polarization effects. For subcritical linearly polarised fields, we obtain the general expression for the induced conductivity and the absorption coefficient, which is investigated in a wide range of frequencies from the optical to the γ-ray region.

The Reseach of Corrections to the Fine Shift of Energy Levels in the Hydrogen-Like Atoms

The method of calculation of the value the thin shifts of energy levels of bound states on a basis relativistic upgraded quasipotential equation is considered. The appropriate perturbation theory permitting to calculate shifts of the energy levels in hydrogen-like atoms with a high accuracy is advanced. We obtained logarithmic corrections about α^6 lnα^(−1) by one photon interaction are obtained, and earlier conventional result is confirmed.

The Irregular Dynamics of the Yang–Mills Fields in Thermostat

Dynamics of the homogeneous SU (2) Yang–Mills fields in thermostats and at their stochastic quantization are investigated by the Langeven`s sources method.

It is shown, that with growth of temperature the phase transition confinement-deconfinement in chromodynamics takes place, and quantization of the Yang–Mills fields results in increase of radius of correlation (confinement) colors.

The Sine–Gordon Brizer Stochastic Dissoziation in an External Fields

It is investigated, the Sine–Gordon brizer stochastic dissoziation in the external fields by the maximal Lyapunov parameters method in adiabatic approach. Dependence between the Sine-Gordon brizer dissoziation speed and the maximal Lyapunov parameters values is established.

It is discussed also, the efficiency of the various numerical methods of research of the determined chaos of dynamic systems.

Influence of Time-delay in the Coupling Channel on the Complete Synchronization of Chaos

In the current work the influence of delay in a coupling channel on the synchronization of regular and chotic oscillations in discrete maps and continuous time systems is studied. It is established that introduction of time delay in a discrete system prevents synchronization of chaos but allows synchronization of periodic and quasiperiodic oscillations. In a continuous time system with chaotic attractor the introduction of a small delay doesn’t make essential changes in its dynamics however the increasing of delay leads to the reverse period doubling cascade.

The Display of Intermolecular Interaction in Uracil Dimmers

The model calculations of possible uracil dimmers vibration spectra by density functional method done. The intermolecular interaction mechanism have been by using ab initio quantum calculations of geometrical parameters and adiabatic potentials proposed.

Digital Optical Holography with Virtual Reference Wave

Possibility of scattering object image reconstruction bis digital Fourier – specklegram (intensity distribution of scattered field in far area of diffraction, without use of coherent referent wave) is considered. Action of referent wave ~ formation of hologram structure with system of carrying interference fringes, is realized a posteriori at the stage of numerical processing of digital specklegram with using of representation about binary distribution of objective field phase in various speckles.

Disclosure of Objects in Multilayared Media by Waveguide Probe

The coupled (combined) volume-surface integral equations for waveguide probe terminated into multilayered medium with magnetodielectric or metallic body have been considered and derived. The inverse problem of body disclosure has been formulated and the possibility of cancer detection in the biological tissue has been theoretically investigated and validated using the scanning of probe.

Modeling of Structure and Vibration Spectra for Oxygen Substituted Compounds. 1. Spirits

The article describes the methods of accounting of anharmonic resonancies in structural dynamic models oxygen substituted compounds on the example of methanole.