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Lavkin A. G., Prozorkevich A. V., Smolyansky S. A., Filatov A. V. Investigation of the Parton Plasma Isotropization at the Heavy Ion Collisions . Izvestiya of Saratov University. Physics , 2007, vol. 7, iss. 2, pp. 50-55. DOI: 10.18500/1817-3020-2007-7-2-50-55

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Investigation of the Parton Plasma Isotropization at the Heavy Ion Collisions

Lavkin Aleksandr Grigor'evich, Saratov State University
Prozorkevich A. V., Saratov State University
Smolyansky Stanislav Aleksandrovich, Saratov State University
Filatov A. V., Saratov State University

Vacuum bosons and fermions creation in a strong electric field in the presence of homogeneous neutral plasma is considered. Both initial conditions postulate that the primordial plasma is either in the thermal equilibrium or in the non-equilibrium state, characteristics for the initial state of the quark-gluon plasma are employed. Essential influence of the dense plasma medium on the process of vacuum particle generation is observed. Depending on statistics it can be observed both enhancement, and easing of effect of a pairs creation. As a whole, process of a vacuum creation has irreversible character: final entropy value after switch-off of the field always more than its initial value, in spite of the fact that the kinetic equation is time reversible. The obtained results can be used for the description of the parton plasma isotropization at the relativistic heavy ion collisions.

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