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Analysis of Vibration States of Heterocycles

By using nonempirical quantum calculations adiabatic potentials have been suggest structural dynamical models dibenzocyclical heterocles, fluorene, dibenzofurane, dibenzotiofene, carbozole.

Phenomenological Theory of Ion Movement in Electromagnetic Field

An equation system which describes the movement and distribution of ions in a liquid placed in the electromagnetic field has been formulated. The solution of this equation system has been found for two particular cases: for the infinitely spread layer of the electrolyte and for finite electrolyte volume in crossed stationary fields (Hall’s effect in a cell of finite volume).

Investigation of the Parton Plasma Isotropization at the Heavy Ion Collisions

Vacuum bosons and fermions creation in a strong electric field in the presence of homogeneous neutral plasma is considered. Both initial conditions postulate that the primordial plasma is either in the thermal equilibrium or in the non-equilibrium state, characteristics for the initial state of the quark-gluon plasma are employed. Essential influence of the dense plasma medium on the process of vacuum particle generation is observed. Depending on statistics it can be observed both enhancement, and easing of effect of a pairs creation.

The H-bond and near surface layer structure in bicomponent heterosystems on the basis of titanium dioxide nano particles

Regarding the IR spectra of the solid samples of titanium dioxidebenzophenone and titanium dioxide-4-amil-4’-cyanobiphenyl heterogenic bicomponent mixtures measured at room temperature the presence of hydrogen bonds in the samples was revealed. The titanium dioxide compound was represented as nano crystalline particles embedded into corresponding sample.

Investigation of the influence of the hydrogen bonding on the structure and vibrational spectra of biphenylmethanols

Using density functional method (B3LYP/6-31G*), the structures of the biphenylmethanols, their h-bond complexes and methanol h-bond complexes, energies, dipole moments, polarizabilities, frequencies of normal vibrations (in harmonic approximation) and their intensities in vibrational spectra were simulated.

Bound Modes Gain in Microstructured Optical Fibers

Using of the model with a complex refraction index, amplification in microstructured optical fibers is investigated. The effect of the gain on the properties of high-order modes is considered. It is shown, that the variation of the radius of active core of the fiber allows to optimize the excitation of fundamental mode in few-mode fibers. Special arrangement of active elements in cross-section section of the fiber allows to excite high-order mode selectively.

Study of Nucleic Acid Bases by Methods of Resonance Raman Spectroscopy

The main aspects of theory and quantum-mechanical method of calculation of the intensity distribution in resonance Raman spectra of polyatomic molecules are presented. The results obtained by this method for resonance Raman spectra of adenine, purene, guanine, uracil, thymine and cytosine are discussed.

In Search of Caloric Equation of Liquid State

The two-parameter caloric equation of liquid state was proposed. The analysis of parametric functions for equation of state was carried out. Approximate method for internal pressure evaluation via cohesion energy density was discussed.

The Equivalence Rule in Field and Force Magneto-Statics

Relationship between Ampere and Biot-Savart force laws is studied. it is shown that both formulations of magnetic interactions of currents are identical if the action of an unclosed part of the current loop on itself is taken into account.

Diffraction Of Flat Electromagnrtic Wave On Non-Linear Dielectric Slab

The integrodifferential equations for flat sinusoidal electromagnetic wave diffraction on nonlinear dielectric slab have been formulated both for stationary and nonstationary cases. The formulations for cubic nonlinearity have been presented explicitly for both cases and numerically solved for spectral problem. Also the numerical results for spectral problem with linear-fractional permittivity dependence on square field amplitude are presented.