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Нанотехнологии, наноматериалы и метаматериалы

Cytotoxicity of various types of coated upconversion nanoparticles. Overview

Background and Objectives: The object of the study was the cytotoxicity of various types of coated upconversion nanoparticles. The aim is to overview the literature on the cytotoxicity of various types of upconversion nanoparticles without/with coating and to search for their maximum permissible concentration when applied to cell. Materials and Methods: The approach used has been the analysis of recent publications on the topic.

Formation feature of organic polyelectrolyte layer on illuminated semiconductor substrate

Introduction: The results of studying the formation processes of the Si/SiO2/polyethyleneimine hybrid structure at semiconductor substrate photostimulation during the polyethyleneimine adsorption are presented. The aim of the work was to determine the formation relationships of an organic polyelectrolyte layer onto illuminated semiconductor substrate as well as to describe the electronic processes in a hybrid structure responsible for organic layer parameters.

On the mechanism of increasing the mechanical characteristics of cured polymer composite materials under the action of a microwave electromagnetic field

Background and Objectives: The aim of the research is to identify the general mechanism of the processes occurring in the microstructure of polymer composite materials when exposed to an ultrahigh-frequency electromagnetic field in the cured state, contributing to an increase in strength characteristics, based on the analysis of the structural features of the matrix and the interfacial layer of cured carbon fiber and the physical foundations of dielectric heating.

Composite mesoporous vaterite-magnetite coatings on polycaprolactone fibrous matrix

Background and Objectives: Based on polymers and inorganic components, hybrid nanostructured materials are used in biomedicine, including tissue engineering and drug delivery with the controlled release. This research aims to develop the method for forming composite coating of vaterite and MNPs on electrospun PCL fibers, which will maintain sensitivity to magnetic fields for a period for the use of magnetotherapy and to control the rate of drug release.