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Твердотельная электроника, микро- и наноэлектроника

Influence of backlighting on current-voltage characteristics of InGaN / GaN-based structures with back-shift

Object of study. We investigate Hewlett Packard green LEDs (λmax = 525 nm at room temperature) based on an InGaN solid solution with quantum wells. Purpose of the Study. It is known that in light-emitting structures, optical characteristics are closely related to electrical characteristics. Analysis of the literature has shown the effect of the structure (number and width of quantum wells) on the electrical characteristics of the objects under study.

Modeling power amplifiers in the Microwave Office environment

 Background and Objectives: A very difficult and urgent task is to obtain high output powers of transistor amplifiers. This class of devices in many radio engineering systems determines the most important technical parameters of the system, such as radiated and consumed power, bandwidth, dimensions and weight, reliability and cost. Known monolithic amplifier designs make it possible to obtain tens and hundreds of watts of output power.

Integrated research of the phase-shifting properties of a step structure of class II on connected transmission lines with mismatched loads

Background and Objectives: Fixed phase shifters on the transmission line are passive devices that provide a constant phase shift between the signals to the outputs of the reference and phase-shifting channels. They are the basic elements of electronic equipment for various functional purposes. One of the main tasks of frequency technology is to expand the working range of fixed phase shifters.