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Sagaidachnaya E. A., Yanina I. I., Kochubey V. I. Prospects For Application of Upconversion Particles NaYF4:Er,Yb for Phototherapy
Skaptsov A. A., Volkova E. K., Galushka V. V., Vidalia I. V., Zakharevich A. M., Konyukhova J. G., Kochubey V. I. Influence of Environment and Temperature on the Luminescent Properties of ZnCdS Nanoparticles
Bashkatov A. N., Genina E. A., Kochubey V. I., Kamenskikh T. G., Tuchin V. V. Optical Clearing of Human Eye Sclera by Aqueous 30%-Glucose Solution
Tishkov A. S., Kamenskikh T. G., Galanga V. A., Bucharskaya A. B., Maslyakova G. N., Bashkatov A. N., Genina E. A., Kochubey V. I., Burov A. M., Tuchin V. V. Optimization of Phacoemulsification in Different Forms of the Cataract in the Patients with Diabetes Mellitus
Yanina I. I., Kochubey V. I. Toxicity of Upconversion Nanoparticles. Overview
Sagaidachnaya E. A., Kochubey V. I. Effect of the Temperature of NaYF4 : Er,Yb Upсonversion Particles on the Formation of Luminescence
Ten G. N., Gerasimenko A. Y., Kochubey V. I., Slepchenkov M. M., Shcherbakova N. E., Glukhova O. E. Effect of the mechanism of interaction between single-layer carbon nanotubes of different diameters and albumin in solid nanocomposites on fluorescence spectra
Gamayunova E. А., Doronkina A. A., Lazareva E. N., Tuchina D. K., Kochubey V. I., Yanina I. I. Differences in optical properties of rat muscle tissue at room and physiological temperatures
Verkhovskii R. A., Anisimov R. A., Lomova M. V., Tuchina D. K., Lazareva E. N., Doronkina A. A., Mylnikov A. M., Navolokin N. A., Kochubey V. I., Yanina I. I. Cytotoxicity of various types of coated upconversion nanoparticles. Overview
Kochubey V. I., Pravdin A. B., Melnikov A. G., Bykov D. A., Melnikov G. V. Luminescent probe method in the study of the interaction of glycated human serum albuminwith non-glycated human serum albumin