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Bashkatov Alexey Nikolaevich

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Zaytsev S. M., Bashkatov A. N., Tuchin V. V., Genina E. A. Optical Clearing as Method to Increase the Depth of Nanoparticles Detection in the Skin with OCT-Visualization
Bashkatov A. N., Genina E. A., Tuchin V. V. Estimation of Glucose Diffusion Coefficient in Human Dura Mater
Genina E. A., Kinder S. A., Bashkatov A. N., Tuchin V. V. Contrasting in Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging of Liver by Nanoparticles
Bashkatov A. N., Vilensky M. A., Tuchin V. V. Local Cluster Saratov Organized in Framework of the Seventh Framework Programme of Commission of the European Communities «Photonics4Life»
Stolnitz M. M., Bashkatov A. N., Genina E. A., Tuchin V. V. Mathematical Model of Drags and Immersion Liquids Diffusion in Human Ocular Tissues
Genina E. A., Bashkatov A. N., Semyachkina-Glushkovskaya O. V., Tuchin V. V. Optical Clearing of Cranial Bone by Multicomponent Immersion Solutions and Cerebral Venous Blood Flow Visualization
Bashkatov A. N., Genina E. A., Kamenskikh T. G., Tuchin V. V. Investigation of Mildronat ® Diffusion in Human Eye Sclera
Genina E. A., Bashkatov A. N., Tuchin V. V. Study of Ethanol Impact on the Transepidermal Transport of Indocyanine Green with Backscattering Spectroscopy
Genina E. A., Bashkatov A. N., Tuchin V. V. The Study of Possibility of Magnetic Microparticle Deposit in Skin at Superficial Application
Bucharskaya A. B., Genina E. A., Bashkatov A. N., Terentyuk G. S., Navolokin N. A., Maslyakova G. N., Khlebtsov N. G., Khlebtsov B. N., Tuchin V. V. Morphological Changes in Transplanted Sarcoma S45 at Photodynamic Therapy Using Nanocomposites Based on Gold Nanorods


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