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Plastun Inna L'vovna

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Bokarev A. N., Plastun I. L. Intermolecular Interaction in Two-component Compounds of Nanodiamonds and Doxorubicin
Plastun I. L., Derbov V. L., Trofimov A. V. Resonant Self-Action and Non-Stationary Coherent Transients in Frequency-Modulated CW Laser Beams
Plastun I. L., Misyurin A. G. Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Modulated cw Laser Beam in Spatial-Extended Nonlinear Medium
Derbov V. L., Plastun I. L., Orudjev A. A. Non-Stationary Coherent Population Trapping in Frequency-Modulated Fields
Bokarev A. N., Plastun I. L., Agandeeva K. E. Influence of the Hydrogen Bond on the IR-spectrum and Structure of Molecular Complex of Diamond Nanoparticles and DNA Bases
Plastun I. L., Misyurin A. G. Optical Transient Nutation in Frequency-modulated cw Laser Beams in Resonant Self-Action Conditions
Plastun I. L., Naumov A. A., Zakharov A. A. Mechanisms of intermolecular interaction of mitoxantrone with targeted delivery polyelectrolyte capsules
Plastun I. L., Naumov A. A., Zhulidin P. A., Filin P. D. Spectral manifestations of amino acids from immunoglobulin and tumor necrosis factor composition intermolecular interaction and effect of cyanine 7 on this interaction
Plastun I. L., Zakharov A. A., Babkov L. M., Yakovlev R. Y. Polymorphism manifestations and aqueous environment influence on the physico-chemical properties of modified succinic acid
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