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Bezruchko Boris Petrovich

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Bezruchko B. P., Smirnov D. A. Contemporary problems in modeling from time series
Navrotskaya E. V., Smirnov D. A., Bezruchko B. P. Phase Dynamics Modeling Technique for Estimation of Delayed Couplings between Nonlinear Oscillators Accounting for Influence of Amplitudes
Ishbulatov Y. M., Karavaev A. S., Ponomarenko V. I., Prokhorov M. D., Bezruchko B. P. Model of Cardiovascular System Autonomic Regulation with a Circuit of Baroreflectory Control of Mean Arterial Pressure in the Form of Delayed-Feedback Oscillator
Kulminskiy D. D., Kurbako A. V., Skazkina V. V., Prokhorov M. D., Ponomarenko V. I., Kiselev A. R., Bezruchko B. P., Karavaev A. S. Development of a digital finger photoplethysmogram sensor
Kurbako A. V., Borovkova E. I., Kiselev A. R., Skazkina V. V., Ponomarenko V. I., Bezruchko B. P., Karavaev A. S. The method for diagnostics of the phase synchronization of the vegetative control of blood circulation in real time
Navrotskaya E. V., Karavaev A. S., Sinkin M. V., Borovkova E. I., Bezruchko B. P. Adaptation of the method of coupling analysis based on phase dynamics modeling to EEG signals during an epileptic seizure in comatose patients