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Теоретическая и математическая физика

Gas oscillations in an annular channel induced by a longitudinal temperature gradient

Background and Objectives: When selecting the design and layout scheme of the thermoacoustic converter, special requirements include the placement of heat exchangers in the areas of heat input and output. The most promising in this regard are coaxial schemes with coaxial location (tube in tube) of the acoustic pathway channels. Such design features pose their own optimization problems.

Mathematical modeling of the physical mechanism of wave flux generation at the photospheric level for different stages of the solar activity cycle

Background and Objectives: The nonlinear phase of the development of Parker’s instability of large-scale oscillations of magnetic fields at various depths of the convective zone of the Sun up to the stage of saturation is investigated. Materials and Methods: Based on the conservative difference scheme, an algorithm for calculating the dynamics of a thin magnetic tube when moving in the convective zone and the solar atmosphere is presented.