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Физика конденсированного состояния вещества


Предложена новая строгая модель для вычисления сил Казимира-Лифшица для тонких диэлектрических или проводящих нитей, основанная силе Лоренца. Использованы формулы Г.Т. Маркова и флуктуационно-диссипационная теорема. Единственным использованным приближением является малое отношение радиусов к расстоянию между нитями, что позволило считать постоянной поперечную структуру полей в нитях. Результаты получены для металлических и диэлектрических нитей, а также для углеродных нанотрубок.

Динамическая восприимчивость взаимодействующих суперпарамагнитных частиц в постоянном магнитном поле

В данной статье теоретически исследуется динамический отклик ансамбля взаимодействующих суперпарамагнитных частиц, находящихся в постоянном и линейно поляризованном переменном магнитных полях. Предполагается, что релаксация магнитных моментов феррочастиц происходит по неелевскому механизму, оси легкого намагничивания всех частиц сонаправлены и параллельны постоянному магнитному полю. Рассмотрены два случая взаимной ориентации переменного и постоянного магнитных полей: параллельный и перпендикулярный.


Previously, the author solved the one-, two- and three-dimensional Ising models in the absence of an external magnetic field exactly. Additional convincing proofs for these solutions are given here. The exact solutions of the Ising models in a magnetic field are found. It is shown that the conventional methods of solving the Ising models are incorrect. Heat capacities and zero-field magnetic susceptibilities of the Ising models are calculated exactly for all dimensions (including the case of polonium) and a flaw in Onsager’s solution for heat capacity is detected.

Plasmon-polaritons Along the Asymmetric Hyperbolic Metamaterial

Background and Objectives: Plasmon-polaritons along a surface of bulk hyperbolic metamaterial and along a slab of such metamaterial with an arbitrary orientation of the crystallographic axis are considered (the axis in the polarization plane is an arbitrary angle with the direction of propagation). We use the rigorous approach based on Maxwell’s equations. The parameters of the hyperbolic metamaterial in the form of the effective dielectric constant tensor are determined by homogenization.

Influence of Sm Impurity Atoms on the Switching Effect in Thin Films of GeS

Background and Objectives: Nowadays interest has grown considerably to AivBvi type semiconductor media. Among them there is a special interest to the thin photosensitive films of germanium mono-sulfide. So, GeS thin layers have the ability to contain a large number of lithium ions. Therefore, it is possible to prepare the items: solar cells and super condenser. There are no limitations for practical applications of GeS crystal. Prospects of such semiconductor films are determined by the possibility of holographic recording and effects of switching and memory.

Phase Changes of Multiferroic Magnetic Materials, Used in External Memory Systems

Background and Objectives: A review of studies on technological bases of multiferroic materials for their possible use in devices for the urgent destruction of information is presented. The analysis of characteristics of materials allows one to specify their phase changes caused by external influences and to investigate the magnetic properties.

Electric and Magnetic-Field-Induced Formation of Macrostructures in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals

Background and Objectives: The study of ferroelectric liquid crystals in smectic C* phase fits together several most relevant research areas, including electro-optic devices with response time in the range of 10 μs. A distinguishing feature of smectic C* liquid crystals is its chiral layered structure, which is formed due to the center of masses orientational ordering along the preferred orientation [called the director].