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Madatov Selim oqly R. S., Alekperov A. S., Nabiyev A. E. Influence of Sm Impurity Atoms on the Switching Effect in Thin Films of GeS. Izvestiya of Saratov University. Physics , 2016, vol. 16, iss. 4, pp. 212-217. DOI: 10.18500/1817-3020-2016-16-4-212-217

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Influence of Sm Impurity Atoms on the Switching Effect in Thin Films of GeS

Madatov Selim oqly Ragim Selim ogly, Institute of Radiation Problems of ANAS
Alekperov Aydin Safarbek ogly, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
Nabiyev Asef Enver Ogly, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University

Background and Objectives: Nowadays interest has grown considerably to AivBvi type semiconductor media. Among them there is a special interest to the thin photosensitive films of germanium mono-sulfide. So, GeS thin layers have the ability to contain a large number of lithium ions. Therefore, it is possible to prepare the items: solar cells and super condenser. There are no limitations for practical applications of GeS crystal. Prospects of such semiconductor films are determined by the possibility of holographic recording and effects of switching and memory. Cold sapphire substrate obtained by using the method of thermal evaporation of the GeS:Sm thin layers is an amorphous structure. Impurities of rare-earth elements as additives, as well as a thin layer of amorphous of Sm atoms creates crystallization centers. Despite the fact that the crystallization is not fully implemented throughout the volume, it can provide the process of transition from high-ohmic resistance to low-ohmic resistance state. Results: The research shows that one resistance of transition differs from the other ~105–106 times, the transition period is ~10–6 sec, energy is ~10–7J. All this shows that effects of switching and memory observed on GeS : Sm thin layer meet the modern technical requirements. The influence of external factors such as temperature and lighting has been investigated.

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