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mathematical model

Specificity of the Mathematical Modeling of Light Fields in a Sensing Element for the Fiber-Based Evanescent-Wave Mid-IR Spectroscopy

Background and Objectives: The fiber-based evanescent-wave mid-IR spectroscopy is a prospective tool for the real-time remote chemical analysis of various substances, which have their vibrational spectra in the mid-IR spectral range. Chalcogenide fibers transparent in the mid-IR are considered as the most suitable sensing elements of the fiber-based mid-IR spectroscopic sensors.

Model of Cardiovascular System Autonomic Regulation with a Circuit of Baroreflectory Control of Mean Arterial Pressure in the Form of Delayed-Feedback Oscillator

A mathematical model of human cardiovascular system autonomic regulation is proposed having the form of differential equation set. Some equations of the model contain terms with time delay. The spectral analysis shows that the proposed model exhibits better qualitative and quantitative coincidence with experimental data than the known models.