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Dmitry Ivanovich Trubetskov: 70-th Anniversary

Член-корреспондент РАН, заслуженный деятель науки РФ, доктор физико-математических наук, профессор, заведующий кафедрой электроники, колебаний и волн Саратовского государственного университета Дмитрий Иванович Трубецков - крупный ученый в области сверхвысокочастотной электроники, радиофизики, нелинейной динамики, создатель научной школы в Саратовском государственном университете по теоретическому и экспериментальному исследованию нелинейных и нестационарных явлений и закономерностей сложной динамики, включая динамический хаос и образование структур, в

IVESC in Saratov

Some main phases of successful preparation of the Fourth IEEE International Vacuum Electron Sources Conference (IVESC’02) that had been organized in Saratov by Saratov Department of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Saratov State University and Saratov enterprises of electronics are described.

Jubilee of Chair of Optics and Biomedical Physics and 100-Years Anniversary of Its Founder – Professor Mark L’vovich Katz

A short history of foundation and development of Chair of Optics of Saratov State University (SSU) is presented. Chair was founded on May 5, 1946 by Professor Mark L’vovich Katz, well recognized expert in luminescence. In the paper the outstanding role of M.L. Katz in the development of optical education and science in SSU, other Universities, organizations and enterprises of Saratov Region is shown. August 12, 2006 is 100-years anniversary of Professor M.L. Katz.

70 years of the Department of Solid State Physics

The brief history of the department has been recited. The information about main results of solid state physics department teamwork for last 10 years has been presented. Professors’ achievements in fields of innovations, research, and high school education have been characterized. The information about achievements of young lecturers and graduate students has been represented.

The 10th Anniversary of the Faculty of Nanoand Biomedical Technologics

Even for such a short period as 10 years, many events, statistics, activities are still collected. The format of the article does not allow to dwell on the detailed description of the dynamics of the faculty, so I will focus on two States: the initial and final.

Vladimir I. Karmilov, Physicist, Innovator and Nikolai N. Semenov’s Countryman, Teacher, Friend

The biography of Vladimir I. Karmilov, physicist, initiator of work on magnetobiology and magnetotherapy in the USSR in the 40–50s of the last century, school teacher and friend of Nikolai N. Semenov, Academician, Nobel Prize for Chemistry, is presented.

Department of Electronics,Oscillations and Waves of Saratov State University Celebrates Sixtieth Anniversary

A brief history of the Department of Electronics, Oscillations and Waves of Saratov State University are presented. This year, the Department of Electronics, Oscillations and Waves celebrates sixtieth anniversary. Department of Electronics Oscillations and Waves is one of the leading departments of Saratov State University training specialists for the electronics industry.

Round Table «Man and Light in Natural and Art Treatment of the Universe»

Represented work of Round Table «Man and light in natural and treatment of the universe» on Workshop – History, Methodology and Philosophy of the Optical Education of the XV International School for Young Scientists and Students on Optics, Laser Physics and Biophotonics, which was of September 27–30, 2011, Saratov, Russia.

Museum of Lecture Demonstrations of Physical Faculty

The article is dedicated to the history of the museum of physical devices, and its role in physical education and the promotion of science and technology among students and schoolchildren.

Afterword to the Anniversary of the Faculty of Physics of SSU

We present information on the meeting of graduates from physical faculty of Saratov National Research State University, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the faculty. Physical education in the university was formed under the influence of the greatest Russian physicists Peter N. Lebedev and Nikolai N. Semenov, the winner of the 1956 Nobel Prize.