There are some data about history of foundation, activity results and trends of development of the chair of solid body's physics at N.G. Chernyshevsky Saratov State University. There is also the characteristic of scientific trends developing by leading chair collaborators, mentioned basic scientific and pedagogic staff achievements.


The data from the biography of the professor V.P. Juze associated with the work in the Saratov State University are presented. It is believed that classic work concerning influence of admixture on the tem perature dependence form of semiconductor electroconductivity belongs to V.P. Juze. The conclusion about V.P. Juze activity connection with the formation of science school on semiconductor physics in the Saratov State University is substantiated.

The First Nobel Prize (To the 60th Anniversary of the Awarding of the Nobel Prize to Academician N. N. Semenov)

The article is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of obtaining the Nobel Prize in Chemistry by greatest Russian scientist Nikolai N. Semenov. The stages of life's journey of N. N.

Round Table «Man and Light in Natural and Treatment of the Universe. III»

Represented work of Round Table «Man and Light in natural and treatment of the universe» on Workshop – History, Methodology and Philosophy of the Optical Education of the XIV International School for Young Scientists and Students on Optics, Laser Physics and Biophotonics, which was of Oktober 5−8, 2010, Saratov, Russia. 

Universal Universant (To the 70th Anniversary from Valery M. Anikin Birthday)

Biographical sketch about V. M. Anikin, dean of the physical faculty of the Saratov State University, head of the department of computer physics and metamaterials on the basis of the Saratov branch of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics named after V. A. Kotel’nikov.

To the Jubilee of Alexander Vasil’evich Priezzhev

The paper presents a brief biography and description of scientific and scientific-organizational activities in Russia and abroad by the Head of the Laboratory of the Laser Biomedical Photonics of the International Laser Center of the Lomonosov Moscow State University Alexander Priezzhev. The article is written on the occasion of the anniversary of A. V. Priezzhev, who turned 70 on April 3, 2017.

Afterword to the Anniversary of the Faculty of Physics of SSU

We present information on the meeting of graduates from physical faculty of Saratov National Research State University, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the faculty. Physical education in the university was formed under the influence of the greatest Russian physicists Peter N. Lebedev and Nikolai N. Semenov, the winner of the 1956 Nobel Prize. Graduates from the faculty of various specialties (on vacuum and solid state electronics, radiophysics, optics, chemical physics, laser physics and biophotonics) celebrated the anniversary of the faculty on February 19, 2016.

Nikolai N. Semenov: Volga-Region Themes of the Life

Some pages of the biography of Nikolai N. Semenov, Academician, Nobel Prize for Chemistry, connected to Volga-region period of his life, are described.

Department of Electronics,Oscillations and Waves of Saratov State University Celebrates Sixtieth Anniversary

A brief history of the Department of Electronics, Oscillations and Waves of Saratov State University are presented. This year, the Department of Electronics, Oscillations and Waves celebrates sixtieth anniversary. Department of Electronics Oscillations and Waves is one of the leading departments of Saratov State University training specialists for the electronics industry.