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About the Definition of a Nonlinear Inductance in Static and Dynamic Regimes

The integral relations and integral-differential equations that take into account the influence of the magnetic shields (magnetic) inductance have been obtained. The non-linear magnetic materials with hysteresis and without it, and approximation of nonlinear materials and inductors have been considered. It is shown that for hysteresis we should use the nonlinear equation for the magnetization. The establishment of oscillations in a chain with the simplest approximation of a nonlinear inductance are reviewed.

Reception of Ultrashort Radio Pulses Propagating in a Dispersion Medium

Signal spectrum detection algorithm of ultrashort radio pulses sequence propagating in a dispersion medium is developed. Technical implementation of detection device is considered.

IR Spectra of Cyclohexanol, Structural-Dynamic Models of Molecule

In wide temperature range IR spectra of cyclohexanol in different phase state (plastic phase, crystal phases II, III) have been measured in range 600–3600 см–1. Using density functional method B3LYP/6-31G structural – dynamic models of conformers of cyclohexanol molecule, which differs from each other by orientation of hydroxyl group relatively carbonic ring and cyclohexan, have been constructed. The energy, structure, dipole moments, polarizabilities and the frequencies of the normal modes in harmonic approximation and IR intensities have been calculated.

The Conservation Laws and the Densities of Electromagnetic Field Energy and Momentum in Dispersive Media

New general nonstationary balance equations for energy and momentum densities of field–matter system based on rigorous nonstationary approach for their definitions with dependence from the field creation prehistory have been obtained. Also the transport velocities of these densities have been derived. The concrete examination and detailed consideration have been performed for simplest dispersion law which is defined by the conductivity connected with the dissipation.

A Complex Approach for the Study of Biofilms of Microorganisms by Atomic Force Microscopy

The biofilms of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli have been investigated by atomic force microscopy (AFM). The usage of complex approach of semi-contact AFM mode has shown that the S. aureus and E. coli biofilms represent an organized community of microorganisms. Semicontact error mode and phase imaging mode investigation of extracellular matrix of S. aureus and E. coli biofilms, confirms dimensions of bacteria and biofilms. Semicontact mode let a development S-layer on surface of microorganisms, contact – different in adhesive force of bacteria.

Mathematical Modeling of Endothelium-Induced Smooth Muscle Cell Relaxation

By means of computer modeling we investigate the characteristics of the local mechanisms of regulation of contractile activity of smooth muscle cells. Influence of the endothelium is modeled as the increase of nitric oxide (NO) concentration and subsequent production of cyclic quanosine monophosphate (cGMP). The latter affects the balance of intracellular calcium concentration and, ultimately, the contractile activity of the cell.

Current Abilities Investigation Ultrastucture Cells of Microorganisms Using Method Scanning Probe Microscopy

This review presents data about current application of scanning probe microscopy in microbiology research. Methods of scanning probe microscopy belong used to study the ultrastructural and morphological features of microorganisms, their mechanical properties et al. The review also present data about the development methods of scanning probe microscopy to study microorganisms and their communities.

Vacuum Creation of Charged Particles: Some Integral Relations

Dependence on the wave length and the periodical electric field strength of the densities of particle number and energy of the created from vacuum particle-antiparticle plasma of the fermi and bose types had investigated. Analytical and numerical calculations had fulfilled in the leading approximation for the case of rather small fields in comparison with the Schwinger critical field Ec = m2/e.

Dynamics of Dual Phase

This article presents dynamics of dual phase, which is connected with dual character of dions – hypothetical particles possessing both electrical and magnetic charges. For description of dual phase the set of equations is received from condition that Maxwell equations conserve their electrical character under dual transformations, what corresponds to effective electrical charge of dion. Some special solutions of these equations for example in vacuum, and in field of electrical dipole are found.

Calculation of Atomic Integrals with Exponentialy Correlated Functions

A new type of correlation atomic integrals occurring in variation energy calculations of three-particle Coulomb systems is studied. A integrand in them along with an interparticle distance linear term under an exponent additionally contains a quadratic term. It is demonstrated that these integrals are analytically expressed through Faddeeva function of a pure imaginary argument and its derivatives. A stable and fast algorithm for calculation of Faddeeva function derivatives to the twentieth order is developed.