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spin waves

The Resonant Mechanism of Excitation Exchange Spin Waves in Layered Monolithic Ferrite-Ferrite Structures

It is found out high (up to 80% and more) efficiency of pulse transformation of exchange spin waves (ESW) and a sound in implanted YIG films. Impulses ESW extended deep into YIG film and were reflected from its opposite surface. Resonant effects colinear and noncolinear transformations ESW are investigated. It is shown, that these effects have long character that allows to reach high efficiency of transformation of energy of fast and slow types of waves even at weak intensity of radiation ESW.

Calculation of Focusing Spin Wave Transducers Using the Method of Micromagnetic Simulation

Background and Objectives: Researches in the field of electronic circuit development for microwave informational systems based on magnetization oscillations and waves have been performing since the 1960s of the last century. The surge of interest in spin waves (SW) during the last decade is caused by the perspective to use SW as information carriers on the sub-micromagnetic and nanometer scale that leads to the fabrication of devices on magnonic principles and a significant miniaturization of spin-wave devices.

Magnonic Logic Devices

Background and Objectives: There is a big impetus for the development of novel computational devices able to overcome the limits of the traditional transistor-based circuits. The utilization of phase in addition to amplitude is one of the promising approaches towards more functional computing architectures. In this work, we present an overview on magnonic logic devices utilizing spin waves for information transfer and processing. Materials and Methods: Magnonic logic devices combine input/output elements for spin wave generation/detection and an analog core.