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Peter N. Lebedev’s school: Principles of scientific and educational activities

Background and Objectives: At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, the first Russian scientific school in physics of the world level was formed at Moscow University. The founder and head of the school was Professor Peter N. Lebedev, a brilliant experimental physicist, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and a Nobel Prize nominee. In the Lebedev’s scientific

One Day from the History of the Great Physical Auditorium: Nikolai I. Vavilov’s Report on 4 June, 1920

The Great Physical Auditorium of Saratov University is one of the best university lecture halls in Russia, it has a wonderful interior, large capacity and good acoustics. It also has a wonderful history. One outstanding event that took place in the Great Physical Auditorium 100 years ago is described in the article. On June 4, 1920, Nikolai I. Vavilov, professor of the agronomic faculty of Saratov University, made a presentation on «The law of homologous series in variation” to the participants of the III All-Russian Breeding Congress.

Physical Institute of Emperor Nicholas University in Saratov

The article by Prof. Vladimir D. Zernov from Journal Physical Review (Russia, 1916) is reprinted.

Konstantin Aleksandrovich Leontiev

It is the article by Dr. Petr V. Golubkov from the Journal «PhysicsUspekhi (Advances in Physical Sciences)» devoted to Prof. Konstantin A. Leontiev (1932, vol. 12, pp. 501–505).

The Great Physical Auditorium: the Best of the Best

About the Great Physical Auditorium of the Third building of the Saratov University.

Dmitry A. Usanov (To the 70-Anniversary from Birthday)

A brief biography by Prof. Dmitry A. Usanov, the head of Solid State Physics Department of Saratov University, is given.

Vadim S. Anishchenko (To the 70-anniversary from Birthday)

A brief scientific biography by Prof. Vadim S. Anischenko, the head of Department of Radiophysics and nonlinear dynamics of Saratov University, is given.

Valery V. Tuchin (To the 70-anniversary from Birthday)

Brief biography by Prof. Valery V. Tuchin, the head of the Optics and Biophotonics Department of Saratov University is given.

How Was Built the Main Building of the Saratov Physicists

The construction history of the Third building of Saratov University (Institute of Physics) that has been officially opened on October 4, 1914 (old style) is described.

Nikolai N. Semenov: Volga-Region Themes of the Life

Some pages of the biography of Nikolai N. Semenov, Academician, Nobel Prize for Chemistry, connected to Volga-region period of his life, are described.