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The Study of Possibility of Magnetic Microparticle Deposit in Skin at Superficial Application

The depth of penetration and localization of magnetic microparticles in skin under action of magnetostatic field was studied experimentally. In the study magnetic powder made from intermetallic composition SmCo5 consisting of 37% of samarium and 63% of cobalt was used. Sizes of the particles varied in the range 3–5 μm. As a carrier propylene glycol was used. The experiments were carried out with human skin samples in vitro.

Monte Carlo Simulation of Laser Radiation Propagation in the Multilayers Model of Head and Brain Tissues in Health and in the Presence of Intracranial Hematoma

Background and Objectives: Development of new optical methods of non-contact express diagnostics of intracranial hematoma remains an actual task. The development of optical model of the head in norm and in the presence of intracranial hematoma is the aim of the present study. Influence of the dimensions of the head tissues with and without hematoma on distribution of the backscattered laser radiation intensity is discussed. Materials and Methods: The optical model of the head and brain tissues in norm and in the presence of intracranial hematoma is developed.