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bound state

Тhе Quasipotential Approach to the Syperfine Splitting of Muonic Hydrogen and Positronium

For the description of the two-partial atoms spectrum in quasipotential approach the relativistic amplitude is used. The interrelation of scattering amplitude expressions, corresponding to quantovoelektrodinamic corrections in various orders is traced. Arising from the accounting of delay effect the additional logarithmic corrections of the sixth order to the constant of fine structure in the bound level superfine shift are analyzed.

Quasipotential Method of Spectrum Exotic Atoms

Fine and superfine splitting energy levels of exotics atoms positronium and anti–hydrogen is investigated in low order. It is showed that Formula Fermi for spectrum exotics atoms is generally. Individually property they spectroscopy is discussed. Live time is calculated of positronium.

Electromagnetic Interaction for Muonium and Muonic Hydrogen

The quasipotential approach variants for investigation of the exotic atoms spectra for muonium and muonic hydrogen are discussed. Similarity of exotic atoms spectra is used for build–up the correct perturbation theory. Dependence of fine shifts on normalizing multipliers is investigated.

The Investigation of the Fine Shift to the Energy Levels in the Hydrogen–Like Atoms with Accuracy α^6 ln α^(-1) by Quasipotential Method

In the quasipotential approach the quantity of Logarifmic corrections to the fine shift increased but the sum result of α^6 ln α^(-1) is equal zero. The past of high order to a corrections is calculated.