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Теоретическая и математическая физика

Preparing and readout of the qubit on the particle in the potential well

Background and Objectives: There are known Rabi oscillations between the basic states of a two-level system, and the preparation of any qubit states is possible using these oscillations. There are several ways to readout qubits. It can be the strong random projective measurement, the weak continuous selective measurement, even the non-demolition readout of the qubit by a measurement of the ancillary qubit. Another qubit readout scheme is proposed in this article.

Mathematical modeling of the Parker’s instability development of large-scale vibrations of magnetic fields in the sun convective zone

Background and Objectives: The physical mechanism of the generation of a steady wave flow at the photospheric level is studied, which ensures anomalous heating of the solar atmosphere at various stages of the solar activity cycle. Background and Objectives: We study the conditions of stability loss for slow modes of oscillation at various depths of the convective zone and the development of Parker’s instability, which leads to the ejection of magnetic fields into the atmosphere of the Sun. Materials and Methods: Based on the


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