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Оптика и спектроскопия. Лазерная физика

Optical Characteristics of Asymmetrical Hyperbolic Metamaterials

Background and Objectives: Metamaterials, which are artificial structures with specified properties, keep the interest to nest investigations and creation of new types of them due to their unusual properties. One of the promising variant of the metamaterials is hyperbolic metamaterials (HMM) which exhibit the hyperbolic-type dispersion in the space of wave-vectors and are described by the diagonal extremely anisotropic permittivity tensor.

The Influence of Hydrogen Bond on the Structure and IR Spectrum of Triphenyl Phosphite

Background and Objectives: The IR spectra of triphenyl phosphite (TPP) have been measured at temperatures of 12 and 320 K in five phase states: crystalline (monoclinic and hexagonal phases), “glacial”, amorphous and liquid. It is necessary to clarify the effect of hydrogen bonding on the structure and IR spectrum of TPP. Materials and Methods: The IR spectra were measured on the IFS-88 spectrophotometer using the OPUS software. The spectral resolution was 2 cm^(-1).

Structural Features of Statistically Rotationally Invariant Mosaic Birefringent Layers That Show Circular Dichroism

Background and Objectives: Nonabsorbing cholesteric liquid crystalline layers with a fine-domain random planar structure and with the cholesteric pitch being much larger than the wavelength of the incident light have been recently demonstrated to exhibit electricallyinduced circular dichroism due to scattering.