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Биофизика и медицинская физика

Detection of the Single Sweat Glands Activity Via the Macro Thermography Techniques and Its Relation with Skin Temperature and Peripheral Hemodynamics

Background and Objectives: Interest in the study of the human’s sweat glands activity is due to the close relationship of their activity with human body’s peripheral regions sympathetic innervation. The increased activity of sweat glands and secretion occurs not only due to thermoregulation, but also is a response to the psychoemotional load and the physiological and drug tests. Sweat gland activity’s disruption manifests itself in pathologies such as diabetes mellitus, chronic heart failure, hyperhidrosis, thyrotoxicosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

Dehydration of Biotissues During Their Compression

Background and Objectives: Dehydration of tissue is one of the possible mechanisms of mechanical tissue optical clearing. In this study we investigated the effects of dehydration of ex vivo cow muscle tissue samples during their compression on diffuse reflectance spectra of the tissue. The purpose of research was to identify the correlation between the diffuse reflectance of the tissue and its dehydration.