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Биофизика и медицинская физика

Features of the dynamics of the optical and physiological properties of muscle tissue in vitro during its compression

Background and Objectives: The compression of human skin is one of the mechanisms of mechanical biotissue optical clearing. In this study we investigated the effects of compression of in vitro cow muscle tissue samples on diffuse reflectance spectra of tissue and changes of its physiological properties. The purpose of research was to identify the correlation between diffuse reflectance of muscle tissue and its compression.

Red blood cells sedimentation as a collective process – experimental and theoretical modeling

Background and Objectives: The experimental and mathematical simulation was performed which aimed to study the mechanism of blood sedimentation process, which is the base of the standard medical diagnostic ESR method. Experimentally and by means of physical and mathematical simulation, the dependence of the blood solution sedimentation rate, as well as its model in the form of a porous mechanical disk on the parameters of both objects is studied.

Development of a digital finger photoplethysmogram sensor

Background and Objectives: Due to the development of methods for analyzing signals of autonomous blood circulation control, cardiovascular system disorders can be diagnosed today in the early stages. It is promising to use specialized devices for personalized diagnosis of the cardiovascular system and monitoring its state. Research on autonomous blood circulation control systems is a complex problem both from the point of view of physiology and radiophysics.

Conductive nanofibrous scaffolds for tissue engineering

One of very demanded and actively developed areas of modern biomedicine is tissue engineering, investigating synthesis and reparation of various kinds of tissues, including trauma treatment. Normally cells in tissue grow in the microenvironment provided by exttacellular matrix – a three-dimensional network of macromolecules, mostly peptides and proteins, that provide structural and biochemical support. To substitute this matrix in medical applications and promote new cells growth and repair damaged tissue, various types of artificial scaffolds are proposed.

Method for determining significant components for assessing pulse wave shape variability

Background and Objectives: The conventional approach to the quantification of the pulse wave is based on the assessment of the features of its shape within each beat to beat heart interval. Usually, a set of indices is calculated (such as heart efficiency index, reflection index, stiffness index), which are determined by the reference points of the wave contour. We have developed an alternative method aimed to analyze the variability of the pulse waveform regardless of the variability of its rhythm.