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Биофизика и медицинская физика

Mechanisms of intermolecular interaction of mitoxantrone with targeted delivery polyelectrolyte capsules

Background and Objectives: Polyelectrolyte capsules are one of the most promising materials for targeted drug delivery – one of the rapidly developing areas of modern chemistry, pharmacology and medicine. They have a wide range of applications due to various methods of controlling their physical and chemical properties.

The interference of GB-speckles in molecular discrimination of bacterial pathogens: The use of the s-LASCA method on the Chlamydia psittaci model

Background and Objectives: In the article it has been demonstrated how virtual optical speckles may be generated from the nucleotide sequences of 7 housekeeping genes of Chlamydia psittaci. Such speckles are called as GB- speckles (gene-based speckles). In the article specific features of the formation of interference patterns have been studied with the superposition, as raw GB-speckle and GB-speckle, processed by the s-LASCA method (Laser Speckle Contrast Analysis).

Integral mapping of the sweat-gland activity using differential thermography technique

Background and Objectives: The sweat-gland activity is associated with the functional state of small sympathetic nerve fibers that are subject to destructive changes in a amount of pathologies, for example, such as diabetic peripheral neuropathy and rheumatoid arthritis. In this work, we have solved the problem of visualizing sweat pores on the skin surface using dynamic differential thermography.

The method for diagnostics of the phase synchronization of the vegetative control of blood circulation in real time

Background and Objectives: The development of methods for the analysis of non-stationary signals of biological nature makes it possible to solve a number of fundamental and applied problems. The use of these methods is promising for the diagnosis and prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system. The creation of the device makes it possible to detect diseases at an early stage. However, this requires the development of methods for analyzing non-stationary signals of biological nature in real time.

Effect of electric field pulses on the suspension of microcontainers based on organic polymer and magnetite nanoparticles

Background and Objectives: Here, non-thermal effects induced in the suspension of hollow alginate silver microcontainers after application of short electric field pulses (about 1 ms) of high intensity (about 1 kV/cm) were studied as a prospective tool for remote activation of microcontainers. Alterations in microcontaner’s shells were studied as a function of their composition.


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