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Биофизика и медицинская физика

Physical-chemical approach to the calculation of adsorption characteristics of low molecular components of blood of the patients with heart failure

Background and Objectives: Despite the fact that the methods of dynamic interfacial tensiometry and rheology are used to study blood and other biological fluids, in medicine there is no unified approach in the methodology of analysis and interpretation of the results. However, in some cases, the obtained numerical characteristics do not have a simple physical meaning and do not allow to evaluate the contribution of individual components and, as a consequence, it is impossible to identify the main link.

Diagnostics of arterial vessels of athletes using Doppler ultrasound measurement

Objectives: The volumetric blood flow of arterial vessels of athletes with a high sports category was studied using the Doppler ultrasound measurement. Methods: Two groups of volunteers were examined: group I consisted of unsportsmanlike volunteers who do not suffer from cardiovascular pathology, and group II consisted of athletes who have the rank of candidate master of sports.

Photoplethysmographic imaging of hemodynamics and two-dimensional oximetry

Background and Objectives: A review of recent papers devoted to actively developing methods of photoplethysmographic imaging (PPGI) of blood volume pulsations in vessels and non-contact two-dimensional oximetry on the surface of the human body is carried out. Results: The physical fundamentals and technical aspects of PPGI and oximetry have been considered. The diversity of physiological parameters available for analysis by PPGI has been shown. The prospects of PPGI technology have been discussed.

Adaptation of the method of coupling analysis based on phase dynamics modeling to EEG signals during an epileptic seizure in comatose patients

Background and Objectives: the coupling of EEG signals during an epileptic seizure in patients during coma is being studied. Materials and Methods: the analysis of the applicability of the method of detecting the interaction between oscillatory systems based on the phase dynamics modeling to EEG signals during an epilepsy seizure in comatose patients is carried out.


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