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Russian-mongolian research project

Demchenko Adolf Andreevich, Saratov State University

In the framework of the grant RHF in 2006, the Russian and Mongolian philologists developed by the international research project "linguo-cultural analysis of problems of functioning of the Russian language and literature in the countries of Central Asia, drawing on the experience in the Republic of Mongolia". On the Russian side, the project involves under the guidance of doctor of Philology A. Demchenko teachers of the faculty of Russian literature of the Pedagogical Institute of Saratov state University in the number of ten people, including the head of the Department of international relations of the Institute VA Ruchin, doctor of Philology O. I. Dmitrieva, L. N. Dushin, N. In.Mokina, candidates of philological Sciences N. M. Orlova, Z. S. Sanji-Garyaev, etc. The Mongolian team of scientists presented by the head of the project doctor of philological Sciences, Professor of Institute of foreign languages and area studies at national University of Mongolia Enkhbayar by Laudanum and teachers of the largest in Mongolia, educational institutions candidates of philological Sciences, associate Professor Shagdaryn Tuya, Nyhaven Nansalma, master Damdinsuren Antoulas and candidate of philological Sciences, Professor of the Mongolian state University of education Coorparation Erdenemandal. In September 2006 A. A. Demchenko and V. A. Ruchin visited the capital of Mongolia Ulan Bator. Here at the Mongolian state University, the participants of the joint project held a round table and a seminar, which worked out a specific plan of scientific work on the implementation of the goals and objectives of the project, determined the timing of the joint scientific conference in Saratov, the results of which in Ulan Bator edited by Professor E. Ravdan will be published a collection of scientific works of the project participants, agreed on the basic ideas of the publication in Saratov collective monograph edited by Professor A. A. Demchenko. During the discussion of the scientific problems of the project, a complete coincidence of conceptual ideas of Mongolian and Russian scientists about the principles of philological analysis of literary text in the unity of linguistic and literary approaches was noted. At the Department, led by Professor E. Ravdan, an exhibition of scientific works of teachers of the Pedagogical Institute of Saratov state University was launched. Saratov representatives of the project visited the classrooms of the Russian branch of the Mongolian state University, visited the Mongolian-Russian school, were accepted in the Society of Mongolian-Russian friendship.


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