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водородоподобный атом

The Reseach of Corrections to the Fine Shift of Energy Levels in the Hydrogen-Like Atoms

The method of calculation of the value the thin shifts of energy levels of bound states on a basis relativistic upgraded quasipotential equation is considered. The appropriate perturbation theory permitting to calculate shifts of the energy levels in hydrogen-like atoms with a high accuracy is advanced. We obtained logarithmic corrections about α^6 lnα^(−1) by one photon interaction are obtained, and earlier conventional result is confirmed.

The Investigation of the Fine Shift to the Energy Levels in the Hydrogen–Like Atoms with Accuracy α^6 ln α^(-1) by Quasipotential Method

In the quasipotential approach the quantity of Logarifmic corrections to the fine shift increased but the sum result of α^6 ln α^(-1) is equal zero. The past of high order to a corrections is calculated.