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Vladimir V. Golubev

Professor, dean and rector of Saratov University Vladimir V. Golubev. 3. “…His name meant brilliance, harmony and beauty”

Background and Objectives: The final part of the article about Professor V. V. Golubev is devoted to the period of his life and activity from 1930 to 1954. The active campaign launched at Saratov University in the late 1920s against the “reactionary” professorship forced him to leave Saratov in the summer of 1930. V. V. Golubev criticized the simplistic approach to education (cancellation of exams, the brigade method of attestation, the elimination of theses, etc.).

Professor, dean and rector of Saratov university Vladimir V. Golubev. 2. “The twelve-year stay in Saratov played an exceptional meaning in my life”

Background and Objectives: The second part of the article about Vladimir V. Golubev consists of materials reflecting a significant period of his life from 1917 to 1930, which he spent in Saratov as a professor at Saratov University and other higher educational institutions of the city. Materials and Methods: The main milestones of the Saratov period of Vladimir V.

Professor, dean and rector of Saratov university Vladimir V. Golubev. 1. “…I left the university with a clear awareness of what I would do next”

Background and Objectives: The outstanding mathematician and mechanic Vladimir V. Golubev (1884–1954) is the key figure in the history of the formation of physics and mathematics education and science at Saratov University. He worked at Saratov State University from 1918 to 1930, acting as professor and head of the department of pure mathematics (all years), dean of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics (1918–1919), vice-rector (1920) and rector (1921–1922). V. V.