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surface acoustic waves

The Influence of the Layered Structure Electrodes on the Characteristics of the Surface Acoustic Waves Devices

Effect of the thickness and elastic properties of sublayer chrome and vanadium of two-layer metallic film, from which the electrode structure is formed, on thermostability of SAW devices in the microwave band is investigated. Angles of the thermostable Y-cuts for the frequencies 1 and 2 GHz are found. Also reflection factor of SAW from edges of electrodes IDT is investigated. Thickness of aluminium and chrome in two-layer electrodes at which the reflection factor is equal to zero are found.

Surface Acoustic Wave Propagation in Two-dimensional Phononic Crystal on Piezoelectric Substrate

Using finite element method analysis of surface acoustic wave (SAW) propagation in the phononic crystal in a form of periodic lattice from nickel pillars, located on a piezoelectric substrate of Y + 128°-cut LiNbO3, has been conducted. Amplitude and phase characteristics of SAW propagation through said structure have been numerically studied and the change in the formed stopbands width and center frequency, related with geometric parameters of the phononic crystal changing, was analyzed. The numerical results were compared with the experimental measurements.