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speckle modulation

The effect of radiation losses in localized fluorescence upon laser pumping of fluorescent random media

Background and Objectives: Excitation of fluorescence upon laser pumping of fluorescent multiple scattering media is a complex process that plays a key role in many applications of modern optics and laser physics, from optical biomedical diagnostics to controlling the parameters of functional materials for photonics and optoelectronics. The effect of radiation losses in local fluorescence emitters, which are associated with laser speckles in pumped random media, on the fluorescence output is considered.

Referenceless Low-Coherence Reflectometry of Random Media under Wide-Band Spectral Selection of Scattered Probe Light

Background and Objectives: The optical probes of randomly inhomogeneous media, based on analysis of the statistical parameters of the scattered light intensity, are sensitive to optical, structural, and transport parameters of the medium. A promising approach among the low-coherence optical methods is an approach in which the medium is considered as a multi-beam interferometer with randomly distributed values of the path difference of the interfering beams (partial waves).