Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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ISSN 2542-193X (Online)

параметрическое усиление

Parametric Gain Calculation in Photonic Crystal Fiber

Signal wave parametric gain was calculated in photonic crystal optical fiber. Photonic crystal fiber structure was optimized for broadband parametric gain. It is shown, that gain bandwidth for photonic-crystal fiber optical parametric amplifier could be more than 400 nm. Spectral changings in parametric gain due to modulation of photonic crystal waveguide cross-section was studied.

Coherent States and Mode Dynamics in Kerr Nonlinear Medium

Dynamics of three photonic modes in the theory of parametric amplifier in the medium, taking into account the Kerr nonlinearity, can be studied using the dynamical group WSp (6, R). For a degenerate parametric amplification with classical pump the description is reduced to the dynamics of coherent states of SU(1,1) group. The time dependence of average numbers of photons and squeezing are calculated. It is shown that the «switching-on» of the Kerr nonlinearity leads to suppression of the parametric amplification.