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On the Physical Basis of Ultra-High-Frequency Electromagnetic Wave Gyroscopes Based on the Sagnac Effect

Background and Objectives: In the present paper the physical backgrounds of three types of microwave gyroscopes are presented. Materials and Methods: Using the relativistic approach the relations for output characteristics are derived to determine the main parameters and properties of the microwave gyro devices: voltage tuned magnetron (mitron) and microwave gyros based on the resonant cavity, and for microwave gyro with coil.

Model of the Miniature Modulator for Microwave Devices

In the given paper the model of the miniature modulator for microwave devices is observed. The modulator consists of the master oscillator, which provides four series of the impulses, and of the inverter commutated with the surge generator providing a plate supply of the load. The pulsing plate supply of the load is stabilized by the current regulator on the unipolar transistor. The control and check unit realize the general control of the modulator. The optimal characteristic of the work of a magnetron is provided by the 16-digit microcontroller.

Prospects of Perfecting the Parameters Small-Dimensioned X-Band Microtron

In paper presented results of the calculation of microwave and magnetic systems X-band microtron. Microwave system is expected to run for the base monoblock monoblock magnetron-accelerating cavity. The results of the analysis of stationary processes and transients in such system are presented. The requirements to parameters of coupling element in of the magnetron's anode block with accelerating cavity are determined. The calculations of magnetic system for 5 MeV X-band microtron on the base permanent magnets are executed.