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Lyapunov exponent

On the effect of noise on quasiperiodicity of different dimensions, including the quasiperiodic Hopf bifurcation

Background and Objectives: The basic model of study is the simplest three - dimensional map with two-frequency and three-frequency quasiperiodicity at adding of noise. The main objective is to examine the effect of noise on the quasiperiodic Hopf bifurcation of the 3-torus birth. Materials and Methods: To study the torus map in the presence of noise we use such numerical methods as computing of Lyapunov exponents, calculation of Fourier spectra, drawing of attractor portraits.

Chaos in the System of Three Coupled Rotators: from Anosov Dynamics to Hyperbolic Attractor

The work presents an example of a system with chaotic dynamics built of three rotators by modifying a conservative system with hyperbolic Anosov dynamics. Results of a computational study of chaotic dynamics are considered (portraits of attractors, time dependences of the variables, Lyapunov exponents, and spectra) and good correspondence is observed between the dynamics on the attractor of the proposed system with the reduced model, characterized by the Anosov dynamics at appropriately defined energy.