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Effect of electric field pulses on the suspension of microcontainers based on organic polymer and magnetite nanoparticles

Background and Objectives: Here, non-thermal effects induced in the suspension of hollow alginate silver microcontainers after application of short electric field pulses (about 1 ms) of high intensity (about 1 kV/cm) were studied as a prospective tool for remote activation of microcontainers. Alterations in microcontaner’s shells were studied as a function of their composition.

Integrity Management of Nanocomposite Microstructures Based on Lipids, Polymers and Inorganic Nanoparticles Through Electric Field

New method of remote group control over permeability and integrity of nanocomposite microstructures of different nature is submitted in this letter. Inorganic nanoparticles are used as a sensitizer to an electric field. The destruction possibility of polymeric microcapsules are shown. The destruction possibility of lipids vesicles on the example of the living cells covered with nanoparticles of gold is shown.