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Conductive nanofibrous scaffolds for tissue engineering

One of very demanded and actively developed areas of modern biomedicine is tissue engineering, investigating synthesis and reparation of various kinds of tissues, including trauma treatment. Normally cells in tissue grow in the microenvironment provided by exttacellular matrix – a three-dimensional network of macromolecules, mostly peptides and proteins, that provide structural and biochemical support. To substitute this matrix in medical applications and promote new cells growth and repair damaged tissue, various types of artificial scaffolds are proposed.

Composite Nonwoven Materials with Microparticles for Regenerative Surgery

Composite nonwoven materials with different medical supplements are widely used for regenerative surgery. Majority of these medicines are cytotoxic, therefore precise drug delivery is necessary to decrease toxic effects. We propose novel polymer nanofibrous material impregnated by core–shell microstructures that can provide targeted and controllable release of encapsulated drugs. This biodegradable scaffold system was fabricated using mixing of calcium carbonate microparticles with chitosan solutions followed by electrospinning method.