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Doppler spectroscopy

Optical biomedical diagnostics

This paper presents an overview on optical biomedical diagnostics. It discusses briefly the history of the problem. The main attention is paid to description of the modern methods of optical medical diagnostics based on spectrophotometry, fluorescence, Doppler spectroscopy, elastic, quasi-elastic and Raman scattering spectroscopies, as well as optothermal and optoacoustic effects.

Optical Doppler Methods for the Measurements of Flow Velocities of Biological Liquids

Background and Objectives: In this paper the key results obtained by the authors during the years of development of Doppler optical methods for quasi-elastic light scattering and coherence gating on biomedical liquids are presented. The research is focused on the sign sensitive velocity measurement and quantitative visualization of alternating and complex geometry flows using spectral approach to digital data processing of Doppler shift of the carrier frequency.