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Effect of the finite conductivity of a metal on properties of a magnetostatic backward volume wave in layered metallized structures

Background and Objectives: Layered structures based on ferrite and metal films are actively studied in magnonics. Usually, the effects associated with the finite conductivity of the metal are not taken into account. The aim of this work was to investigate the influence of the thickness of a metal with finite conductivity on the dispersion and damping of a magnetostatic backward volume wave (MSBVW) in the ferrite-metal and ferrite-insulator-metal structures.

Dispersion Characteristic Calculation of Photonic Crystal Fiber Guided Modes

Dispersion characteristic of photonic crystal fiber guided mode is calculated. Numerical modeling based on the Maxwell equation for magnetic components for field of the photonic crystal is obtained. It is shown, that slot photonics crystal waveguides can be used to tailor dispersion.

Parametric Gain Calculation in Photonic Crystal Fiber

Signal wave parametric gain was calculated in photonic crystal optical fiber. Photonic crystal fiber structure was optimized for broadband parametric gain. It is shown, that gain bandwidth for photonic-crystal fiber optical parametric amplifier could be more than 400 nm. Spectral changings in parametric gain due to modulation of photonic crystal waveguide cross-section was studied.

The Perspective Slow-wave Systems of Terahertz Band for TWT

In this paper the review of terahertz perspective slow-wave systems is presented for TWT. The methods of modeling have been considered and some numerical results are presented.