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Speckle correlometry as a method for evaluating the dynamics of the liquids foam

Background and Objectives: The two-phase gas-liquid foams have been an active object of research over the past few decades. Usually, during the coarsening of the foam such physical processes as a foam syneresis (the liquid drainage along the Plateau channel and the bubble walls under the gravity), an Oswald ripening of the gas bubbles, and their coalescence are investigated.

Mathematical Model of Drags and Immersion Liquids Diffusion in Human Ocular Tissues

Mathematical model of drags and immersion liquids diffusion in human ocular tissues is presented. Analytic expressions are derived for diffusing liquid concentration, which give good approximations for exact solution at small or large time.

Kinetics of Diffusion-limited Elongation of DNA Fragments

The numerical model of the elongation kinetics of the single-stranded DNA has been proposed and studied. The proposed model is based on the principles of the phenomenological modelling and implemented as diffusion cellular automata. The analytical and numerical estimates of the elongation reaction rate for different concentrations of nucleotides has been obtained. The possibility of nucleotide binding delays with reducing the concentration of one of the nucleotides in the solution is shown. 

Laser Interferometry for Study of the Diffusion Process in Glycerol−Water System

Mutual diffusion process in glycerol−water system was studied by laser interferometry technique. Descriptions of optical schemes, experimental technique using multi-beam laser microinterferometer and method of digital interferogram processing are presented. Kinetics of spatial distribution of the refractive index of a medium during mass transfer process is determined and diffusion coefficients are found.