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computer simulation

Simulation of scattering properties of modular metasurfaces in the 16–25 GHz range and comparison with experimental results

Background and Objectives: Metasurfaces are coatings consisting of elementary resonators that reemit incident UHF electromagnetic waves. By varying the parameters and arrangement of these resonators, it is possible to tune the electrical properties of the metasurface as a whole. This produces a number of practically important characteristics that are difficult to achieve with conventional attenuation coatings, and therefore prospective in the tasks of shielding of electronic devices and attenuation of the reflected signal.

Аngular optical characteristics of a standard twist indicator with a phase compensator

Background and Objectives: One of the disadvantages of a liquid crystal display device for information on the twist effect is its relatively narrow viewing angle. In this regard, an urgent task is to find ways to increase the viewing angle of such a device. Materials and Methods: Based on the computer simulation method, an original and simple design of a liquid crystal twist indicator with a phase compensator, which has improved angular optical characteristics, is proposed.

The Liquid Crystal Modulator on the Basis of the Waveguide Mode in the Twist Structure with the High Twist Angle

On the basis of the analysis of color characteristics of different LC display units the criterion for an assessment of an unchromaticity of black-and-white images is entered. For the adequate description of the optical properties of the LC modulator the necessary set of three characteristics is offered: contrast of the modulator, average on a range; the average on a range passage of the modulator for a status «is opened»; a modulator akhromatichnost is «open» for a status.