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citric acid

Fluorescent nanosized PAMAM dendrimers: One-step formation of a bright blue fluorophore on terminal groups and its optical properties

Background and Objectives: Polyamidoamine dendrimers (PAMAM) are nanoscale monodisperse compounds with a multifunctional terminal surface. Structural features of PAMAM, such as a nanosize of high homogeneity, highly developed terminal surface and cavities in the structure open up wide possibilities for their application. The most promising use of PAMAM is for biomedical purposes, in particular for the targeted drug delivery (for example, anticancer drugs).

Fluorescent nanostructures based on folic acid and citrate: Synthesis and properties

The fluorescent properties of products obtained by the hydrothermal treatment of organic raw materials are of great interest. Such products are usually colloidal stability in water, have low cytotoxicity, and high photostability. One of their advantages is a wide choice of starting materials and the relative simplicity of synthesis. The use of folic acid as a precursor for fluorescent nanostructures opens up the possibility of targeted imaging. This article shows a one-step synthesis of fluorescent nanostructures from folic acid and citrates.