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acoustic field

Calculation of Field Amplitude Distribution of Ultrasonic Wave Beam in Moving Media

The results of acoustical (ultrasonical) wave beam amplitude distribution modeling in free space and in application of moving media are presented. The propagation of ultrasonical wave has been considered in x-y coordinate plane for infinitive plate radiator restricted on x – axis. The shift of ultrasonical beam field for different distributions of moving media velocity projections in the plane of wave propagation is considered.

The Method of Visualization of Spatially Inhomogeneous Acousic Fields from Micro-Objects on the Basis of Acousto-Optic Interaction in the System with Double Fourier Transform

Background and Objectives: The method of acousto-optic visualization based on a double Fourier transform is presented. In a hybrid acousto-optic processor, the double Fourier transform is realized in the process of converting an acoustic signal from an object by an acoustic lens formed by the conjugate spherical surfaces of two crystals, and the subsequent processing of light diffracted in a photoelastic medium by an optical collecting lens.