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Basic Chairs: «Relations between Universities And Life»

The article is devoted to the history, experience and results of the 30-year joint organizational, educational, scientific and methodical activity of the Department of Computer Physics and Metamaterials of the Physics Department of Saratov National Research University named after NG Chenyshevsky (SSU) and Saratov Branch of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics named after V A. Kotel’nikov of the Russian Academy of Science (SB IRE RAS) within the formats “Chair of SSU – Branch of the Chair in the SB IRE RAS” and “Chair of SSU on the Basis of IRE RAS”.

Derivation of the Thermodynamic Probabilities Using Polynomial Forms

Background and Objectives: A. Einstein suggested at the time that neither the founder of the statistical mechanics L. Boltzmann, nor M. Planck, who has developed the statistical understanding of the entropy of radiation, gave the proper definitions of the thermodynamic probability as a number of equally probable microstates. Meanwhile it was necessary to understand the difference between the Boltzmann’s and Planck’s numbers of microstates.

The Contractual Pedagogical Education at the Physical Faculty of Saratov State University

The development of new legislation for contractual training in Russian universities is being completed. Its goal is to ensure a guaranteed system of training and bringing a specialist to the work in the priority areas of economy and social sphere, including pedagogical activities. The article describes the organizational, educational and methodical actions realized at the Physical faculty of the Saratov University.

Communication Theory and Radiophysics (on the Teaching of the Theory of Communication and Information at the Department of Physics)

The paper discusses the improvement of the methods of teaching the courses of the theory of communication and information at Saratov State University by introducing additional sections on the analysis of radiophysical processes in various devices of communication systems. We propose the electrodynamical analysis of wave processes in a fiber optic line, features of the use of new CMOS devices for signal conversion in communication systems and selected schematic solutions.

University Training Competitive Specialists

The article describes the directions of training of competitive specialists at the Saratov State University, related to active involvement of students for research work, innovation and historical and patriotic activities. We present data about regular scientific schools with reports from leading Russian and foreign specialists and on student participation in competitions for grants in the field of applied projects.

Abstract of Dissertation: Functions, Structure, Importance

Modern recommendations are given for correct writing an abstract of a dissertation on natural sciences.

The Informational Accompaniment of «Physic» Course for Bachelors

The article deals with the problems of the informational accompaniment of «Physic» course for bachelors.

Time in Basic Dynamic Equations of Physics

Background and Objectives: It is known that the dynamic equations of motion do not suppress the reverse flow of time. On the other hand, the physical theories of irreversible processes are consistent with the fact that time goes in one direction. This article attempts to find a forbiddance on the inverse of time in the dynamic equations of motion. Methods: Both inversion of time together with momentum inversion and time inversion together with reverse movement along a trajectory in phase space are considered.