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Integral mapping of the sweat-gland activity using differential thermography technique

Background and Objectives: The sweat-gland activity is associated with the functional state of small sympathetic nerve fibers that are subject to destructive changes in a amount of pathologies, for example, such as diabetic peripheral neuropathy and rheumatoid arthritis. In this work, we have solved the problem of visualizing sweat pores on the skin surface using dynamic differential thermography.


Активность потовых желез связана с функциональным состоянием малых симпатических нервных волокон, подверженных деструктивным изменениям при ряде патологий, например, таких как диабетическая периферическая нейропатия и ревматоидный артрит. В данной работе решена задача визуализации потовых пор на поверхности кожи с помощью динамической дифференциальной термографии. На основе вейвлет-анализа колебаний температуры кожи фаланг пальцев установлено, что активность потовых желез формирует спектральные составляющие на частотах около 0.1 Гц и выше.

Synchronous Dynamics of Nephrons Ensembles

In this work, the phenomenon of synchronization of oscillations in the dynamics of nephronic ensembles is studied. It is shown that a large number of structural units on the kidney's surface participate in the formation of synchronous clusters. It is stated that the cluster's size changes in time and the frequency locking for rhythmic processes in the cooperative dynamics of nephrons occurs only during some parts of experimental recordings. 

Identification of Action Potentials of Small Neuron Ensembles Using Wavelet-Analysis and Neural Networks Method

A possibility to solve the problem of automatic identification of neuronal spikes in the extracellularly recorded electrical potentials is discussed that is based on a combined approach assuming application of neural networks and the discrete wavelet-transform. Efficiency of the combined approach is illustrated in the analysis of experimental data.