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semiconductor laser

Nanodisplacement measurements by frequency-modulated laser autodyne

Background and Objectives: Measurements of nanodisplacements are relevant for various applications of self-mixing laser (autodyne), in particular when they are combined with microwave probe methods, which are sensitive not only to the profile, but also to the inhomogeneities of the material and the its internal structure. A laser autodyne method for measuring the nanodisplacement by triangular frequency modulation of the laser radiation is proposed.

Self-mixing Interferometry of Distance at Wavelength Modulation of Semiconductor Laser

Theoretical description for method of distance measurement at alteration emission wavelength of semiconductor laser, operated in self-mixing regime, has been presented. The result of computer modeling of self-mixing signal at harmonic wavelength modulation of laser diode has been represented. Spectral harmonic selection of low-frequency spectrum of self-mixing signal for distance measurement has been theoretically substantiated.