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Dynamics of the generator with three circuits in the feedback loop. Multistability formation and transition to chaos

Background and Objectives: Studying the dynamical mechanisms of the emergence of nonlinear phenomena that are characteristic for multimode self-oscillating systems consisting of interacting oscillators and an ensemble of passive oscillators or representing active nonlinear systems with complex feedback channels is an important urgent task. The simplest example of a self-oscillating system with a complex feedback is the well-known classical van der Pol oscillator with an additional linear oscillatory circuit included in the feedback channel.

Mutual Synchronization of Dissipatively Coupled Memristive Self-Oscillators

Background and Objectives: Dynamical systems containing memristive elements, i.e. elements with “memory”, represent a special class of dynamical systems that can be named memristive systems. In memristive systems, the synchronization of oscillations has some features. However, a complete description of these features is still lacking. For the most part, this concerns the synchronization of memristive self-oscillators, both identical and with frequency detuning.