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Ecological Diagnostics of the Safety of Premises

A study was made of the radiation background of premises of economic and household purposes under various conditions. According to the data obtained, a vertical distribution of the exposure rate of premises was revealed; the influence of external factors on its value was established. Dependences were obtained and features of radiation background changes in the rooms under study were revealed. The contribution of finishing materials to the increase in the exposure rate was found.

Explicit Solutions of the Maxwell−Einstein Equations. II

This article is a continuation of the previous author's article on the same problem [1], Here choice of metrics discusses in detail, so as another possible metrics, like generalization of the Schwarzschild metric of massive body due to radiation of electromagnetic wave. A problem of lowering the initially spherical symmetry to axial one in solution’s level for Einstein−Maxwell (or Maxwell) equations due to fixation of z-axis of coordinate system and its recovery with the help of zero-modes is discussed.