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The influence of defects on conduction processes in inorganic compounds based on metal chalcogenides and in copper and silver chalcogenides is considered. With decreasing temperature, the concentration of intrinsic carriers decreases and the conductivity is determined by the concentration and properties of impurities; in the process of transfer, carrier jumps begin to play directly over the impurities, and there is a low mobility.

Surface Electromagnetic Waves in the of Optical Range (Surface Plasmon Polaritons – Spps): Their Properties and Applications

Surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) are electromagnetic excitations, in wich electromagnetic field in dielectric is coupled to collective electron oscillation in metal, and propagate along and is tightly bound to metal/dielectric interfaces. First, we present an overview of SPPs in the optical range and their applications in optoelectronics and sensorics. We further present the main research results achived by the author in this area.

Spheroidal Graphite – Unique Morphological Formation of Carbon

Spheroidal graphite is little-known form of graphite. It is known that its presence affects the properties of gray cast iron post, typical steels. Research evidence that the spheroidal graphite is a unique layered spiral system of micro-and nanostructures, the inhomogeneous phase composition, structure and elemental composition with predominantly periodic alternation of closely spaced layers. Such systems can have properties and their combinations significantly different than the individual micro-and nanoparticles and composites based on them.