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Power Range of Photoneutrons from 209Bi at Е γmax = 12 MeV

On a bunch of brake radiation of the betatron the power range of photoneutrons from 209Bi is measured. Measurements are executed by means of a scintillation spectrometer on the basis of a stilbene crystal with discrimination γ-radiations in an impulse form. The obtained data are compared with known of literature and analyzed on the basis of evaporation model.

Range of Gamma Quanta in the Beryllium Target

Changes of an initial brake range of gamma quanta in a sample are analysed. It is shown that the main mechanism influencing g quanta range form in a sample of beryllium is Compton’s effect. In work this amendment is considered in the analysis of an exit of photoneutrons. However unlike the models considered in other works at the accounting of Compton dispersion parametrization isn’t used.